Monday, October 25, 2004

The RUNNEL -- chunnel -- Pgh big dig -- and cranks

I've been speaking for months and months about the sillyness of the under river tunnels for a light-rail extension to the stadiums on the North Side. The idea needs to be taken off the tracks and stopped. Some editorial folks at the Trib, especially Bill S., agrees. Link.
... railed on about how pitifully few people the 1.2 mile boondoggle would carry. How badly its construction would tear up both banks of the river. How the idea would never even be considered if it weren't for that "free" 80 percent federal contribution.

And how, except for a few cranks and free-market ideologues at the Trib, everyone was so gung-ho to build it - including Specter and his allegedly conservative comrade, Rick Santorum.

Great news, except the part about the "few cranks." I could resemble that remark. And, what good does it do?

The cranks, the "naysayers," -- we citizens -- are the ones who know best.

Why would he do this?

To me, the Trib and this friend of the "free market" is p*ssing in his own breakfast cereal.

Comments about the treatment are welcomed here. Comments about the meat of the transportation elements should flow into the transportation blog.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

It would be great to hear from Bill S. and the Trib editiorial board in person -- soon. I'd be happy to meet the Trib staffers and unfold the chart to my future and give un-crank-like forecasts of what is going to happen in the Pittsburgh political landscape.

I brand myself as a "free-market" candidate. So, I know well that the Trib is free to do as it wants. I'm a "free-market" kinda guy. Plus, I've got a background in journalism. But, freedom isn't free. (snicker) The load and responsibility isn't light. The Trib has a role in this marketplace, an important role. The watch-dog makes the Fourth Estate.

I guess I'll be a crank with a squeeky wheel.