Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Proud Dads

A fellow stay-at-home dad, Hogan Hilling, visited Pittsburgh a while ago. He spoke at a national convention held at the Hilton. Hogan is from San Diego and wrote a great little giftbook as well.

  • part 1 - 31 megs

  • part 2 - 29 megs

  • I've never relased these audio files as there has been a pinch for web server disk space. I'm with a little elbow room now, so enjoy. However, this isn't going to last. I'm looking for some audio data warehouse that would accept these audio files for long-term storage. Pointers and ideas welcome. in past years I might have used Mark Cuban's Audio Net, but that sorta dates me.


    Anonymous said...

    A Hogan update.


    Tim English, Canadian SAHD, directed me to your site. Thanks for posting my Lamaze presentation.

    Here is a brief update on the Hilling family.

    I'm juggling a couple of part-time jobs. Which allows me to be around for the boys when they are not in school I'm also looking to start a new career as a private investigator sometime late next year. I did some
    research and it looks like the PI career could be a good fit for me. I have a meeting scheduled with a private investigator to learn more about the

    Grant, 17, and 6' 7 1/2 inches tall is driving and started his junior year in high school. He has turned into quite a volleyball player. He will start for his high school varsity team and has already attracted the attention of two major colleges.

    Wesley, 14, is doing very well in his home. He's been there almost three years. Next year the Make-A-Wish Foundation will sponsor a trip for our family to San Diego. They have scheduled a trip to Sea World where Wesley and I will swim with the dolphins.

    Matt, 11, has also turned into quite a volleyball player. I'm coaching his team this year. Matt is also playing the drums and piano, and plays in the church band.

    Tina is still teaching. Only six more years until retirement. She continues to do a fantastic job as the primary breadwinner. She's one heck of a wife and mother. I'm a very lucky man.
    Say hi to Catherine, Grant and Erik. Hope all is well.

    Keep On Daddying,


    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Thanks for the update.

    I've got some Volleyball e-books -- in PDF. Grant and you could check them out or pass them along to his coach / team. They are 'free' -- and a bit older. Most of the drills and such still work well.

    I just posted the audio file about a week ago. I just got a new server and a new bit of disk space. I was to the ceiling on my other site. Upgrade is going along now as I speak.