Saturday, October 09, 2004

Lord & Taylor's shut down The agreement to terminate May's obligation to keep the store open included a restriction that prohibits the use of the building for gambling.

URA Chairman Tom Cox said he is unaware of any interest in turning the former bank into a slots parlor.

'We wanted to put any speculation to bed,' he said. "

Say what???? I'm not understanding. What's in that "agreement" to terminate May's obligation? And, why would it have anything about a slots parlor?

URA officials who voted unanimously to allow May to close the store without penalty praised Gumberg's pending deal to buy the site.

This quote proves how some must look up to see the curb: "It's not the ideal situation," said city Councilman Sala Udin, a URA board member. "It's the best of all possible worlds."

Their game of musical chairs and corporate welfare needs to unravel. I sense a lot of back scratching of each other and pointing elsewhere for excuses. The bottom line on the deal is we shouldn't be doing deals like this. And, the next most important concept is that Tom Murphy, Sala Udin and their cronies shouldn't be in office any longer as they have always fumbled the interests of the public in their dealings.

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