Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Shut down: Idle minds and idling buses

The Allegheny County Health Department announced enactment of a new air quality regulations to reduce emissions from school bus idling. Buses can't unnecessarily idle longer than five minutes, with some exemptions.

Idling is okay when the temperature is less than 40 degrees, above 75 degrees, and to operate a lift or other equipment designed to ensure the safe loading or unloading.

Report suspected school bus idling violations at 412-687-2243.

On Thursday, Oct. 14 at 9:30 am (301 39th St., Building # 7, Pittsburgh 15201) ACHD will present new, proposed anti-idling regulations for diesel powered motor vehicles and diesel powered locomotives at its Regulation Subcommittee meeting. Your attendance and input at this or future subcommittee meetings could have significant impact on how anti-idling regulations in Allegheny County look. To learn more or become involved in anti-idling efforts, contact GASP.

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