Monday, October 25, 2004

Mayor Vetoes Early-Bird Discount To Taxpayers - News - Mayor Vetoes Early-Bird Discount To Taxpayers Mayor Tom Murphy has vetoed a plan to offer an early-bird discount to taxpayers next year.

Hurry up and wait. Do nothing. Let's chase our tails. We are only running out of money next month. Here we go again, doing too little, too late.

If the early bird gets the worm, then that explains the Tom Murphy veto. The mayor is in vulture mode. The city is still crashing into a deeper decay.
Trib quote for Ricciardi:"'If we implement my plan, we will be on the road to picking ourselves up by the bootstraps.' "

Hardly. This early bird is but a worm of a plan. This isn't even a caterpillar.

The early-bird tax discount for an extra 1% discount is worthy. However, it is more like a cup of warm tea on a cold winter day while at the hospice. To sooth is sweet. But to say this plan and overrive of the veto puts us on the road to recovery is foolishness.

Simply put, the plan keep us on the road of malingering. The city is floundering and bumbling. We all know that the Mayor's agenda can't be advanced. Now is another test to see if the agenda of City Council President can be advanced. And if it does squeek by, this isn't a cause for celebration. It is a worm of a plan.

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