Monday, October 18, 2004

More political events this week

Voter Education

No charge entry, great music, Mt. Lebo Church, pan-partisan, 7 pm, Oct 21. See article elsewhere in this blog.


Candidate debate for US Congress hosted at CCAC - Boyce Campus, with East Suburban UU Church, Debate. Sadly, this event falls on the same date and time as our event at Sunnyhill. Otherwise, I would have done my best to attend. Their event is a real debate, and it seems to be the only one that features the two candidates.


-- John Kerry and some special musical guest will be at CMU on Wednesday. You have to have tickets but they were being passed out at the PIIN meeting.
IMNSHO (In my not so humble opinion), the special musical guest, Bon Jovi, won't be as good as the music you'll be able to take in on Thursday night with Amy Carol Webb.

-- General Wesley Clark, (did you know he is a swimmer, besides a frequent CNN guest), is coming to town on Thursday too. I think he's slated for the VFW post 5008, East Pittsburgh, 401 Drapper St, 412-829-1377. at 1:15 pm. Please try to be there by 12:30 pm so we can get settled. Contact: uz2bface - at - comcast - dot - net


A Attorney General, Allegheny County native, Tom Corbitt, is holding a special event for $100 on Thursday, Oct 21 from 5 to 7 pm. Happy Hour with A.G. candidate

The Republican Committees hosts a council for a Fall Candidates Sunday Brunch at the Wildwood Country Club (McCandless) from 10 am to 12:30 pm on Sunday, October 24. Meet many of your local elected officials and candidates. All Republican federal and state candidates have been invited and many are expected. The brunch is $25. To join, contact Cindy Kirk at 724-935-0596, cptkirkb - at - stargate -dot - net.

Media meeting

TV 4 Town Hall Meeting

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Anonymous said...

From a mailing list elsewhere:

It was a great debate. We have to give Tim Murphy a lot of credit
for agreeing to debate. Most people with the incumbent advantage shy
away from debates.

Both candidates did well. Murphy was very polished, Mark was a
little rough around the edges. Mark, however, was more sincere and
straightforward. Murphy was somewhat evasive and defensive on the

Some specific criticisms of Murphy:

1. He criticized Mark for the mere mention of spending on education
and then went on and on about how much pork barrel spending he has
gotten. Pretty inconsistent.

2. He argued for preserving frozen embryos with a "sanctity of life"
argument while he is an ardent supporter of killing live humans
through the death penalty. Very inconsistent.

3. He defended his support of a Constitutional Amendment that takes
away rights through a "sanctity of the Bill of Rights" argument. Not
just inconsistent, sheer hypocrisy.

I'm disappointed that the moderator picked my cream-puff question and
not one of my tough quetions. Oh, well, it was a good question with
which to start the debate.

Overall, for all you political investors out there, I would advise
you to short-sell Murphy stock and buy Boles stock on margin.

- CJMarquette