Sunday, October 10, 2004

CMUer Rocks the House to Jeopardy Victory

Winning one for geeks everywhere, a Kentucky native and CMU student won at the Pete on Pitt's campus in a two-staged final of College Jeopardy.

A good time was had by all, especially Erik and buddy, Stuart.

A number of years ago, George Lindley, a PSU undergrad moved to study with Catherine and company at Pitt as a grad student. George earned his Masters and Ph.D. in Audiology here and was on Wheel of Fortune. He had tried out for the college game, but the game-show organized put him as a contestant for a regular show. George won, of course. But in the $25,000 round, he couldn't uncover "whirlpool." To this day his friends never let him forget it. George is now in eastern PA with a great job and family and the money he did earn on the show was spent to buy a pick-up truck. The truck is long gone too, but the memory remains, .... whirlpool, whirlpool, whirlpool.

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