Sunday, October 17, 2004

Raising a racket over city spending

PittsburghLIVE.comHorgan might have been concerned that if word got out, this tennis fiasco might prompt even city residents who don't play the sport to raise a racket.

The tennis courts and bubble were paid for with an American Express card. And, there is a decent return on the investment. And, the bubble went up nearly 5 months late and snow and slush was on the bubble as there was snow and slush on the ground at the time. So, the new bubble needed to be washed, before its opening. And, this last summer, they didn't even take it down. To much work. In the summer it is way to hot to play in there. So, air-conditioning is hoped for in the future.

This all makes some sense -- but no sense for Citiparks. We should have a park district and we could spin Citiparks out of the City of Pittsburgh. Then managment and oversight of park things can occur with democracy and real leadership that does not have to worry about the ghosts of the city creeping into every move.

Tennis, without a tennis pro, happens here too. I don't just want the courts. I want coaching of the kids. I want an overall program. That is where the real benefits resdide. Parks are not just a bricks, mortar and bubble experience. I think that they should be much more.

Another article at a later date: More topspin on tennis facility -

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