Sunday, October 24, 2004

Suburban Republicans do their best to kill city

Suburban Republicans do their best to kill city

My letter to Brian

Hi Brian,

I saw the news of the 18-page letter in the Trib on 10-20-04 --- and that same day I went to the election office and changed out of the GOP party.

Amy Carol Webb, a singer/songwriter and friend from Florida, and I are to be
on KDKA Radio's Chris Moore show, 1020 AM, from 5 to 6 pm today - Sunday.

I'll share some news for you and the listeners then.

For fun, here is one of here songs:
"Be careful punching ballots if you can't find the hole."

Give a listen.

She has a new verse about electronic voting machines, paper trail and voting

Very clever.

But I'm also prepared to cover some ground about local politics too.

As for the money points --- you're too old school and too media centered in hopes of selling soap. Why spend $1-million to get a risk in the chance to get a $90K job as captain of a sinking ship? We don't really want a mayor's race with those costs as the debt is an anchor and the candidate is beholden to others then.

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