Friday, October 22, 2004

Wiki kick-off this week

Help elect Mark Rauterkus


Anonymous said...

nice site. two things though: adam mis-spelled 'calendar' and why presume murphy is running? i would presume he's not.

good luck and thanks for being vocal.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Question above: Why presume Murphy is running?

Murphy should announce not only his intent to NOT run for re-election in 2005, but he should announce his swift departure from the Mayor's office -- pronto. SHOULD isn't is.

Murphy has no term limits. He can run again and again. He can go into a fourth term with wins in the primary and general election in 2005.

Murphy has name ID.

Murphy has the capability of raising money and he is also know for his habits of spending public money to advance his career too. So, Murphy can give promises and get votes. Then he can break those promises and not worry about fixing matters for another four years -- if ever. The promise breakers from 8 and 12 years ago are gone from this city, more often than not.

Even if Murphy does not run, those who have been near to him and those who have helped him do what he has done will be running. Gene R. has been in public life in the city as long as Tom Murphy. They all have managed to push the decline. Point being, if it is not Tom Murphy, it could be another much like him -- an elected Democrat, for sure.