Thursday, October 21, 2004

A fantastic evening with Amy Carol Webb and political presentations

The 2004 Voter Education and Concert Showcase with Amy Carol Webb was held on Thursday, October 21, 2004, at Sunnyhill.
Order of events in PDF. Archives to be posted at S6.CLOH.Org.

The Sunnyhill blog links to two of Amy's songs. Amy Carol Webb, visiting Pittsburgh
If You Can't Find the Hole
Be careful punching ballots
If you can't find the hole
Or you could see your civil rights
Jerked out of your control
You could find your chad left dangling
In some partisan unknown
So be careful punching ballots
If you can't find the hole

The early concert features Amy Carol Webb from Florida, and a new verse to the song that included touch-screen voting machines and the desire for a paper trail. The other two songs were, Oh Abraham and my favorite, Think Again.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Hi Friends,

The greatest singer, songwriter, performer I have ever heard -- no joke --
is slated to play at our Voter Education event at 7 pm on Thursday, Oct. 21,
2004 at the UU Church of the South Hills,

You're invited. Please attend.

Our casual, friendly venue makes a splendid setting. You'll enjoy and
remember this night for years to come. Amy Carol Webb is a dear friend from Florida. She's recorded seven or more CDs in recent years. I've begged her to come to Pittsburgh and this is the night.

Her song about the hanging chads from the Florida vote for the last
presidential election is a hoot and a half. "Be careful punching ballots if
you can't find the hold..."

More at

Voter registration has ended. Now it is time to gather and celebrate in a
diverse setting. Amy will make us all laugh as she can spread joy like few

I can't say enough about her and the concert she'll provide. Get a baby
sitter. Do whatever it takes to be there. Save this time and be there for
yourself. She is a star.

Thursday, October 21, 2004 -- 7 pm sharp.
UU Church of the South Hills, 1240 Washington Road, Mt. Lebanon

The price is right as well. Because it's a 'pan-political voter education
effort' there is NO GATE CHARGE. It's free to those who can behave as you should at an inspiring concert.

My favorite of her original songs: "Think Again." You gotta hear it. It
makes so much sense, especially for the City of Pittsburgh.

As always, thanks for the consideration. And, of course, thanks for voting
and all that you do for our shared community.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks, Mark. Sorry we got there 10 minutes late, and missed your opening remarks, and the first song by Amy. My friend bought a CD, and we were both moved to tears by her song about the straight and lesbian couples experiencing different treatment in hospitals.

P.S. I was in D.C. all weekend, and missed the Chris Moore show. How'd it go? I hope she got some good plugs...

- - -
Yes, that is a great song.

She also has a killer song about a young baby. Tears.

And, the first song you missed has to do with punching ballots. That is the classic political song for the hour given the Florida vote recount -- which might be upon us again.

I have the radio show on tape. One of these days I'll get it online. It went well, in my opinion. I'm not too sure how much of an impact it made with the general public. However, I do think I'll be able to use it as good leverage. I'd like to make a "media kit" of sorts -- but for "donors."

I've been on a couple of shows. I can carry out a message. We can sway the conventional wisdom and make an impact.

Folks should feel good in knowing that we can do a lot with $0 -- but -- with some donations (political fundraising) we can be even more nimble and powerful.