Friday, October 22, 2004

World Series

Boston (think Tea Party) vs. St. Louis (hometown of the famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery).

Boston (J.F. Kerry's home) Red Sox win. Triumph bring tragic death to student shot by police while in a mob. Now the Boston Mayor sabre rattles about a prohibition. The overly rash reaction by the Mayor to a tragic death following the game gives an opportunity to make a point to the blog world.

"If you shut down the bars, the problem will get worse," said Alan Eisner, executive director of the Massachusetts Hospitality Association. "At least in a licensed premise you have supervision."

Another decent quote from a blog in Pittsburgh, "Unless the cop was drunk, alcohol had nothing to do with her death."

Presidential candidate, Libertarian, Michael Badnarik could put out a call to create web ads for sports blogs. With a press release, some eye candy and computer code, sober baseball fans and political junkies who crave a free world and an end to the war on druges would be able to inject messages in alternative avenues to drive home some points and buzz for the final innings of the campaign.

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