Saturday, October 09, 2004

Frank Lloyd Wright's design all wrong

MSNBC & Biz Times- Frank Lloyd Wright's design all wrong for new Grandview When famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright was asked about how he'd go about improving Pittsburgh, he is known to have said, 'It would be cheaper to abandon it.'

Frank Lloyd Wright was right if you search for the reinforcement through the lives of many in suburban Pittsburgh. There have been scores and scores to vote with their feet and leave and/or abandon Pittsburgh.

One interesting challenge, and some might call it more of a pipe-dream, is to engage those in the burbs and get them to change the abandon it mentality. Folks are not going to flood back into the city. But, folks in the burbs can care to come to grips with what is really happening here.

One way to change the tide in this abandonment of Pittsburgh is to interject sports competitions among city and suburban kids, schools and communities. The WPIAL should absorb the Pgh Public Schools' city-league.

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