Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Grandstanding at the table and in the halls of Grant Street

Grandstanding rant.

I went to City Council and spoke for three minutes in the public comment period of today's meeting. My comments are posted in an opinion web page.

Enjoy. React as you see fit.


Anonymous said...

I like the part about the people that come every week and the note about
the service center.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Bill Peduto wrote an email to me saying:

I believe that Act 47 Recovery Plan will keep us from bankruptcy and will help to put us on a course where we can "survive" for the next few years. Forcing the Mayor to resign might make some feel better, but the problems will still be here. As for the rest of the blog - you nail it. Lots of talk about what we should do, but not 5 people to take action and do something.

As far as cable, please do two things - 1). determine if we can advertise or any other way to get at least $50,000 annually. 2). Talk with folks at PCTV - the problem there is both sides (Cable Bureau and PCTV) want to take over the other. Both feel they can do the others job and neither want to work together (and we can't afford both). I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these 2 cable issues.