Thursday, November 18, 2004

Beating up on Murphy

Murphy might go down in this election. Another "punching ballots" story is unfolding. It's a mayor's race too, but in California.

See the post here from Oct 1, 2004, Maverick Enters Mayor's Race.

The campaign of Donna Frey was challenged in Superior Court. They say the city charter does not allow for write-in candidates in general elections. They wanted an injunction to halt vote counting.

Frye scored 35 percent of the vote to incumbent Dick Murphy's 34 and a county supervisor, Ron Roberts' 31 percent.

A crowd chanted, "Count our vote!" The lawsuit amounted to a pathetic attempt to stop the democratic process. "I will fight any attempt to undermine the will of the voters."

The vote needs to be certified by November 30. For more info, just google it. New comments welcomed.

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