Saturday, November 06, 2004

What if the choice was, for mayor: either Murphy or O'Connor or G.W. Bush

This blog gets plenty of page views and few comments. Let's turn the tide with this posting / question.

Who would you vote for?
Who would win in the city?

I don't think G.W.Bush has done many financial moves, if any, that knowingly, intend to cripple and/or inflict pain. On the other hand, Tom Murphy has.

Murphy has closed pools, closed rec centers, jacked taxes on property by 34%, put parking up to 50%, cut the Great Race that made money, etc.

The nexus of this posting comes from a conversation with a true Kerry supporter who admitted to me that Bush's vote would be a lock if he were in a race with either Tom Murphy or Bob O'Connor.

Perhaps this is a question to get Lynn Cullen thinking.

Sadly, this week's knee jerk seems to be a puzzle to me. Many are starting to rally and begin to gun (pun intended) for PA's Junior US Senator, Rick Santorum. They want him out. They'll start working now to get him out. Anybody but Bush has seemingly morphed to anyone but Rick. Oh my gosh. Don't let the wheels fall off. The rubber hits the road right here in Pittsburgh, our home town. We need folks to care about Grant Street. It is time to refocus -- and not upon the US Senate, please!

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