Saturday, November 20, 2004

PA's new clean energy bill

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Passage of Clean Energy Bill Revolutionizes Electricity Industry

Harrisburg, PA - John Hanger, President and CEO of Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) today applauded the Pennsylvania legislature’s approval of SB1030, the Alternative Energy Bill, and thanked Governor Rendell for his leadership in support of the bill.

“This bill puts Pennsylvania in the forefront of clean and renewable energy technology and development,” said Hanger. “This legislation will create thousands of manufacturing and construction jobs, attract billions in private investment to Pennsylvania, stimulate local tax bases, help clean our air and water, provide incentives to reclaim piles of coal waste at abandoned mines, spur energy conservation and actually lower electricity prices by creating a greater, more diverse supply of electricity. It is excellent for the environment, great for the economy and a giant step in moving Pennsylvania’s energy industry into the 21st Century.”

The Alternative Energy Bill requires 18 percent of the electricity sold in Pennsylvania to come from renewable and advanced energy sources within 15 years. The bill sets up two categories of energy sources required to be used by all power companies selling electricity in Pennsylvania - Tier 1 energy sources including wind, solar and biomass and Tier 2 energy sources including energy saved from new energy efficiency measures and coal waste. Energy companies would have to obtain 8 percent of their power from Tier 1 resources and 10 percent of their power from Tier 2 resources.

“This bill is a major leap forward for Pennsylvania’s environment,” continued Hanger. “Under its provisions, we will have eight times more green energy - most of it wind power - than we have right now. That’s enough to power more than one million homes. And there are guarantees for solar power, and protections against any source of energy that makes more pollution than we currently suffer. It calls for extensive energy efficiency and conservation measures, and it includes all electricity customers.

“Pennsylvanians should be proud of the legislators who fought for this groundbreaking legislation, especially Senator Ted Erickson (R-Delaware), the prime sponsor, Senator Mary Jo White (R-Venango), Senator Raphael Musto (D-Luzerne), Representative Chris Ross (R-Chester), who sponsored a similar bill in the House, Rep. Michael Veon (D-Beaver), Rep. William Adolph (R-Delaware) as well as Governor Rendell and Secretary of Environmental Protection Kathleen McGinty, who championed clean energy on all levels,” continued Hanger. “Thanks to them, we have the first clean energy standard bill passed by a coal-producing state, and stronger legislation than New Jersey, Maryland and New York. With Governor Rendell’s signature on this bill, Pennsylvania will be established as the region’s strongest competitor for renewable energy development.”

PennFuture is a statewide public interest membership organization that advances policies to protect and improve the state’s environment and economy. PennFuture’s activities include litigating cases before regulatory bodies and in local, state and federal courts, advocating and advancing legislative action on a state and federal level, public education and assisting citizens in public advocacy. PennFuture has offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

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SB 1030, the Alternative Energy Bill. At about 6:10 p.m. on Saturday night the House of Representatives passed the bill on a vote of 161 - 35. Look forward to the Governor's signature on the bill next week. Responses to action alerts came at crucial times and helped keep the votes together.