Friday, November 12, 2004

Murphy is spending on stadiums again

PG: Slots-for-arena plan worth a look, Onorato says In an interview last week, Murphy said he would like to see the winning bidder dedicate a portion of its slots revenue to help build a new arena, whether it's the Penguins, Forest City, Stabile or someone else.

Mayor Tom Murphy gave us the stadiums despite the will of the people and the outstanding $40-million still due on the now gone Three Rivers Stadium.

Next, Mayor Tom Murphy wants to spend a good chunk of the gambling income for a new hockey arena.

No way. That gambling money is sure to provide some income. However, gambling is not going to materialize to such grand form as they have projected.

We have to stop miss-spending on big-ticket items. The new hockey arena should not get a dime of public funding.

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