Saturday, November 27, 2004

South Side's football stadium -- move Pitt's spring game here!

The PG's education reporter covered some of the fix ups at the South Side's football stadium, owned and operated by Pgh Public Schools. The article gives some depth, but sadly, was only put into the public eye after most of the construction has been completed. Too late. I knew this was to occur and happen, but the general public didn't. Wonder what would have been the story had this news hit when the news of school closings hit?

For example, the K.O. (Keystone Oaks) coverage on its stadium happened before the building. It has had plenty of buzz and coverage.

"With all these changes you've done, what have you done for the facilities players actually use?" Tokarski said. "And there are things they could be fixing in the athletic program that don't cost a dime."

At the most recent school board meeting there was a conversation about the overtime pay that also got a lot of ink -- after the fact. Some janitors make more than $100k as they work a bunch of overtime. The board member, Randall Taylor, said that there are lots of things that we as board members can't get to. He made the point that there are things that go on that he can't see or or hidden by design, and its his job to set policy and be aware. As the district is so big that board members have troubles, then we all have troubles.

There are many things that occur in a big district that don't get attention. Both good and bad things happen. Part of our problem is the fact that the district is so large. I think we'd be better served as citizens and taxpayers if we split up the PPS into a few other districts. And, I'd love to see one of the splits be horizontal -- cutting the 9-12th grade education into one highschool district.

I have a lot to say about the stadium, but let me only sping one bigger item today. The Pitt's SPRING Football game should be played at South's Cupples Stadium. I would like to see a "spring sports sepectacular on the South Side." Parade from the practice facility, block parties, all sports getting a bit of a showcase in the neighborhoods, street festival, tailgates, graduate activities, game on a Saturday afternoon in the spring.

Pitt has played its game in a high school venue in the past, in the burbs. Pitt has been kicked out of Heinz Field in the past too. Pitt's spring game crowd is thin, not like the sell out at PSU. And, Pitt needs to do more with an open house at its sports performce place and community efforts in the neighborhoods of Oakland and South Side.

Finally, two other points about the PG article. I called the writer and left her a voice message of thanks plus:

A) The story behind the story is the fact that the Pgh Public School's Athletic League should dissolve and the schools should merge with the WPIAL.

B)What's going to become of South Vo Tech High School? I'd love for that faciltiy, with its fixed-up stadium, be the home of the new Pittsburgh Park District. Take all the offices of County Parks and Rec, Citiparks and School Athletics and Afterschool, and put them under one roof -- ASAP. Then bring in the offices for other rec associations as well. We need to use South as a hub for community. More.

I'll be at the stadium shortly, with the sign, Fire Mayor Murphy, to mingle. Was there last week for Perry's playoff game too.

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Anonymous said...

Similar as to Mt. Lebo stadium, the public, especially city residents, should have ample access to this facility.

As a taxpayer, I don’t mind the expense; I’d (and other residents) would like to benefit from the expense, especially in light of the city’s financial crisis and the lack of activities for the children. This could be a great place for pick up neighborhood games or a place to walk in the evening for persons of all ages.

It would be nice if you could get the school district’s opinion on this angle of the stadium.