Saturday, November 13, 2004

Dated Dean. Married Kerry. Woke up with Bush

Dean's Democracy for America seeks to elect progressive-leaning candidates and train grass-roots organizers.

Notes: Dean's roller-coaster campaign started with soaring polls, but crashed. Dean, an 11-year Gov., shouts a Boston Yahoo! ad. Supporters have cheered the ad, reveling in its irreverent self-mockery. Or, William Shatner land? Next could be Sedatives or Throat lozenges.

Politicians as pitchmen: Bob Dole for Viagra; US House Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill for American Express; Geraldine Ferraro for Pepsi; Ann Richards (TX) Mario M. Cuomo for Doritos, Sophie Masloff for Used Appliance Warehouse. None have won political positions after cashing out.

Wonder if Dean-supporters would be fertile land for fund-raising letters?

Wonder if the Democrats who cannot give up feel the need to scrub undemocratic Democrats from bankrupt landscapes?

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benzado said...

I heard that after 2000, Al Gore was asked to do an ad for but passed it up.

"Democracy for Pittsburgh" is meeting on December 1st, you are welcome to attend. We'll be hammering out an agenda for the coming years, and I'm pretty sure scrubbing will be on the list.