Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Citiline Apartments on DU's campus

Duquesne Univ. wants to purchase Citiline Apartments. The mayor stood up to the sale. Coverage in the PG.

Mayor Tom Murphy testified that a Duquesne University apartment building should stay on the tax rolls and not be ruled exempt from Pittsburgh ...

I got into politics years ago as the sale of 35 acres of the South Side Works site was about to be sold to UPMC for a sports performance complex that had 4-new jobs, $100k bargain basement price per acre, and smaller-than regulation football fields that broke the NCAA rulebook about shared facilities among college and professional teams.

The plans for the South Side called for flex office space.

The mayor pushed for the UPMC site and its rental agreement to the Steelers. Then he goes around and cries the blues that the non-profits are taking so much land. That's two-faced, at best.

The biggest problem with the non-profit land grab isn't our fine educational institutions. The big problem is the URA.

Should DU buy that property. Sure. Should it be taken off the tax rolls. No. Do DU folks care about 10 new city police officers? Heck no. They've got their own police force.

The big nut to watch about Citiline is the deed transfer tax.

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