Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Building Neighborhoods By Bulldozing Blight

As a licensed Realtor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, "building neighborhoods" is one of my responsibilities. And as a city Realtor with great pride for my adopted hometown, I try to do whatever I can to improve the "quality of life" in and around our fair city.

That said, I was interviewed by a prominent TV Reporter, KDKA's Paul Martino, for a piece concerning the demolition of some blighted properties, so people can invest in nice homes in improving neighborhoods.

With assistance from city Councilman Gene Ricciardi's office, one long-vacated home in the Allentown neighborhood was razed. Another, next door to the first, is slated for demolition in the first quarter of 2005.

With luck and more than a little diligence, those active in their communities can help improve their neighborhoods by communication and good will.

Look for the report on Channel 2, KDKA TV, sometime soon. There's a chance that they may want to return to film a "speed boat full of garbage" near another of my listings.

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