Monday, November 15, 2004

Too shady and oh so rich

Golden parachute for Mt. Lebo's School boss. gets good blog mentions at Pittsblog.

I wonder if part of this is from a fallout with the botched swim pool deal? The school and the township should have pulled their resources and made a great aqutics facility that would have been a regional asset. But it didn't happen, sadly. The plan wasn't held together with enough duct tape or vision or something.

With her $500k, she could make a nice swim pool benefactor.


btezra said...

~nothing better than benefitting from doing a poor job...Pittsburgh School politics, ain't life grand?~

Mark Rauterkus said...

posted at

Interesting contrast in your posting with my CAPS for emphasis:

Line one of post:

A correspondent who wants to remain ANONYMOUS......

Last line of post:

The idea of ACCOUNTABILITY for classroom performance may have left town with her.

Guess it is okay to fight fire with fire now and then. But, the facelessness and the free passes are at every intersection in life. That avenue is one we need to NOT choose, by design.