Thursday, November 25, 2004

Nameth, Dorsett, Cash

Joe Nameth, Tony Dorsett, and Swin Cash (US Olympic / US Post Office) all gathered at the Macey's Thanksgiving Parade.

I've started a VIP page at Platform.For-Pgh.Org to chart celeb endorsements and efforts to secure those statements. This has gotta be fun.

Bob The Builder held up the Lincoln Tunnel on his trip to the city last night as he had to be folded to fit. Seems he had left his ''Easy Pass Card'' in his pocket. (Matt L's (Ohio U) joke).

Musical tunes were generally fitting and well done.

The spirit of America is alive indeed. This great country, great land.
Another tune: Free to dream, million hues of color.

Don't like the recorded music however. It is interesting to watch to see what is "live" and what is not. That's tension I could deal without. Early songs were more about America and later about Christmas. <;/

Floats: Clifford, the big red dog, follows the city's leash laws. Nice political statement.

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