Saturday, November 06, 2004

Chief Robert McN -- enrages audience in West End

Our Chief of Police went before a citizens meeting in the West End at the end of October. Folks there are really hacked off at the loss of their zone's police station. Furthermore, the streets have been filling with shootings (even outside of schools), drugs, 3-AM outdoor parties, and lots of open bad-boy actors.

The chief's talk and his Q&A made matters worse. The people became more upset.

People are doing what has been asked. They are reporting the car's license plate numbers as drug deals go down. They have been holding their turf. They have been getting the threats and turning the details over to police.

However, no dective has called back. The follow-up is abset. One women's story was documented in detail -- but nothing from the good guys. Not even a phone call for an interview.

The chief is oblivious to it all. He thinks that things are fine. There is much more going on other than a group of citizens who are whinners.

The chief can't tak sides in elections, by law. It still has been know to happen.

Citizens groups, call a big meeting and get the Chief to come for a presentation. See for yourself.

On election day another dad shared a story about how he has seen, since September, 14 drug deals in front of his house. He reported everything on each. This dad, also a committee man, faced down a kid with a gun on his front step. This citizen / dad told the punk in so many words that that gun will be up his butt the next time he comes here with a threat.

It seems as if the police are hoping these troublemakers overdose. That is the frustration of how they are fighting crime.

Chief, it is time to "Think Again."

Murphy and McNeily need to exit at the same time. Let's make it soon.

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