Friday, November 26, 2004

Doug Shields and Shield Laws --- psst --- wire taps?

The boys on Grant Street have their nose bent out of shape as some of their secrets came into the PG with Tim McNulty's lead story.

Just a few days ago I wrote an obscure position plank that concerned this topic. Funny how it was pulled into the limelight so quickly. Platform.For-Pgh.Org's plank on journalist and shield laws.

I graduated from Ohio University with a Journalism degree. I'd never make the threats I heard from City Council President Gene Ricciardi today. Unreal. He's "going to keep this on the front burner." Murphy too came out to rant about an investigation.

If I'm elected mayor, I'll help the folks in the media do their jobs. They have a duty. We need them to stay awake and alert. The Fourth Estate has a most important job.

Furthermore, there should be no secrets. I don't want any secrets. These guys are working in the public sector and they are talking smack about trust.

PG Editorial, Rendell on the line. A reporter does the public a favor by listening in.

Rendell: "If he was going to unethically eavesdrop, he should have eavesdropped on the whole conversation."

Not to be outdone in the annals of folly, Council President Gene Ricciardi, Mayor Tom Murphy and other council members then called for an investigation into how the call came to be overheard by the reporter.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

More points:
+ Doug Shileds talked on KQV radio the next day, Friday, Nov 24. He said he did NOT allow the reporter into the conversation. He was with no comment the day prior. So, all 4 in the conversation said it wasn't them. Could be anyone. Shields was also harping upon the lack of trust that was shown by the snitch and fellow on the council, but Shields was not naming anyone.

+ Mayor Murphy and Gene Ricciardy both chimed in and want to find out if laws were broken. Gov. Rendell took a pass.