Friday, November 19, 2004

Dr. John Thompson, another prediction comes true

Looks as if Dr. John Thompson, Pgh Public School's Superintendent, is going to get a new contract and sustain his position.

I'm fine with an offer of a contract extension. And, I was fine with the lack of action a number of months ago as well. Be calm. Be patient.

A number of months ago a few including Rev. John Monroe, pitched a fit and folly about the position and the person.

I had good expectations then, and told many that Dr. Thompson was going to stay and would be offered another contract, all in due time.

Furthermore, it is great to hear that the school budget is NOT going to raise taxes. It is of interest to see how that news of no new taxes is tied with such closeness to the news of contract extention talks. Humm. I see direct links.

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