Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sprawl's Ugly Side on a day to feast

Farmer harvested corn; neighbor sowed anger. Interesting story in the PG. Plus, the reporter covered it as a story. Even the headline does not give away the outcome.

Hats off again to great law enforcement efforts. Fantasic! Good news on prevention.

The story behind the story is about sprawl. Live in the city. Stay away from the pesky, loud farmers. Nothing like the din of growing corn to drive you up the wall.

In other matters, the story of the Shaler couple in an apparent murder-suicide shows how things unfolded without the necessary protections. We need to have a watch list that works. This is part of the state's role and duties -- protection. One's home needs to be safe from intrusion.
Shaler couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide When police arrived, they discovered the front door had been kicked in, and found the body of Sheryl Burkhart, 33, and her husband, Barry Burkhart, 46, in an upstairs bedroom. Both had been killed by gunshots.

Except for forced entry at the front door, Morton said there didn't appear to be a struggle.

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