Sunday, November 14, 2004

Downtown falling like a house of cards.

PG speaking of the mayor's downtown development efforts "What they were doing was wrong. The way they handled it was wrong. The way they treated really good citizens was wrong," Patty Maloney said. "I think there are times when you have to stand up for what you believe in and for what is right."

If Maloney has a regret, it is that she and other merchants did not follow though and implement a Main Street program Downtown. Such a program has been successful in neighborhood business districts, and Maloney believes it could have worked Downtown.

Still, she doesn't fault Murphy for trying to spruce up the dreary Fifth and Forbes corridor.

"In fairness to the mayor and the mayor's office, they thought they were doing the right thing. They were definitely sincere in their attempts."

Great example of that "free-pass mentality." The mayor was wrong. Great statements. Then comes the 'flip-flop.' We can't give him and the wrongheadedness a free pass.

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