Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Begins to look a lot like "band-aids" ... Everywhere we go

PittsburghLIVE.comA $17 million gift from the state to tide over Pittsburgh could become part of the Legislature's bailout plan to keep the city from sliding into insolvency.

The only thing worst than band-aid philanthropy is band-aid politics. I guess it is not in their character to step up and lead. Jeepers. We'll just need to elect some new leaders.

Reading between the lines it is now fair to say that Gene Ricciardi is NOT going to be running for mayor when he sings this tune. "Restructuring the city's antiquated tax system is "our highest priority," said council President Gene Ricciardi."

Fast Eddie is a leader, in his desires, it seems: "Rendell spokeswoman Kate Philips said it's premature to comment on a proposal until the governor has had a chance to review it. Rendell "wants a long-term plan that doesn't need to be revisited every year," she said.

Our city council should have take up some pumkin, apple and sweet potato pies to ulock the doors to the Gov's office. Perhaps I'll do that myself.

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