Saturday, November 27, 2004

Senior Showcase Night -- a western PA tradition

Seniors talk here is not about blue-hair bingo players. Rather high school seniors who want to scramble for a football scholarship for college.

This outfit,, of which I know nothing, is holding a Senior Showcase Night on December 7 at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena (up Rt. 28). More info contact AK at 724-826+1331 or email - akrect at salsgiver dot com.

Swimming is so simple next to football.

Saw DU's head football coach at the All-Star game at Cupples today. By the way, the city kids scored 44 points and the north team (mostly from the burbs but also included North Catholic) had zero. I don't think that the scoreboard was broken, but it is very old. (Snicker as to the scoreboard's age.)

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