Monday, November 22, 2004

Oversight with or without malice?

This blog, Mark Rauterkus & Running Mates ponder current events, is one of the most vibrant in the blog-landscape. It was part of the PghBloggers.Org site, until this weekend.

Wonder why the blog got zapped?

Another area where the light needs to shine, but the switch is to "off" is the city's cable television department. I was looking forward to seeing the public hearing, on cable. It didn't get done. Funny business. Non-open ways.

Wonder why the public hearing wasn't on the city's government tv station?

So, I had to go there and testify with my kids in tow.


Mark Rauterkus said...

This blog has had 357 posts, as of today. That's what I call, 'vibrant.' Perhaps prolific fits.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,

First, I want to apologize that your weblog feeds were no longer being
pulled to the pghbloggers website. There's an explaination for it
which I will outline below:

Until about 12:30 last night, pghbloggers was using a very kludged
method for converting Atom feeds to RSS feeds, which Drupal (the
software that powers pghbloggers, as well as my blog Grabass) can then
consume for posting on the website. The website @ had a homegrown utility (which an Italian
fellow was kind enough to develop) that allowed us to get the website
up and running quickly.

What I became aware of through two independent sources this weekend
was the extrodinarily handy service @ It will
automatically allow you to setup, syndicate, and convert feeds in a
nice and easy manner. I doubt this is news to you, since you already
had a feed setup up for

So late last night, while I was all feeds from to (which was a time consuming process) I reconfigured
your blog to the feedburner feed that you had already set up. I also
changed your name which had (mistakenly) been spelled Matt instead of
Mark. My apologies there as well... when I set this up the first time
it was late at night as well!

What I've come to notice just in the last few hours is that Drupal
responds favorably to RSS 2.0 feeds and not as well to earlier
versions (or whatever the default feedburner puts out). I had to ask
Daigo to reconfigure his feed because he was experiencing the same
problem. Once he changed it everything was right with the world. If
you check now, however, you still are and have been listed on the
website: Check these two links:

I cleared out the cache about a half hour ago, which removed your
current listings... and tried to refresh the feed to make sure my
diagnosis was correct. That's why there are no articles there now.

So if you could please try and change the format of your feed @
feedburner to RSS 2.0 I would be most appreciative... otherwise I can
continue to use that aforementioned utility.

Jen @ muted forwarded your e-mail to her to me, and I've addressed it.
I do really hope that you weren't suggesting any foul play in your
entry in your blog (I do wish you would have waited in hearing back
from me/us before making a post). There definitely wasn't. It's not
because I have a thin skin... Lord knows we've had hiccups and will
have more later, but because I want to make sure that the perception
of the website remains positive in its nacent days. It's a volunteer
effort, and I/we are very proud of it.

In any case, let me know if there's anything I can do and I will
respond ASAP. Best wishes on your upcoming campaign. Thanks!

Mark Rauterkus said...

I put the new Pittsburgh Blog of Blogs logo on the left. I think the feed is fixed and updated to feedburner 2.0.