Monday, November 08, 2004

Mayor's Budget Address = Full of lies

The Mayor's budget address happened in city council chambers today. As expected it was full of lies.

This time it only took minutes before a city council member, Jim Motznik, started to talk to the media. KDKA was able to start filming the mentions from Jim about how the matters are less than truthful.

Furthermore, I wasn't allowed to get a budget book. The citizens are the last to know, by design.

The promise from the Mayor's spokesperson, Craig, was that the document would be put onto the city's website today.

  • The deed transfer tax has been increased by 33%, not .05 percent.

  • The property tax increase for home owners is going up 34%. It is still in there.

  • The mayor said that this budget follows the guides set forth in the Act 47 agreement, but it fails to do so by increasing salaries to some, and replacing others with job switches.

  • Police legal advisor, slated to be terminated, appears under another manager's title wit an 2004 salary of $53k moving to 2005 to $73k.

  • Twelve commanders are up on pae 287 so as to make the overall public safety budget an increase of $140K.

  • A building inspector gets a raise of $7,700. The city is to be on a wage freeze.

  • The public works director gets a new job title and ups from $67K to $77K. Same to with an assistant director to deptuty director, and an operations manager moving from $60K to $67K.

  • Uniforms were cut last year, but re-appear this year for $8,600.

  • Joe King pointed out how the mayor has padded his budget with a misc. account and education. Then he cuts it and claims a 10% savings.

  • Others are saying that there are lies. I've yet to list the one's I've noticed.

    We don't need to reform first. We need to replace this mayor, now.

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