Monday, November 08, 2004

Earl Jones, welcome to the mayor's race, again

Earl Jones, Dem., speaks to the GOPers at the Picnic in 2004 Earl Jones, our teddy bear champion, is going to enter the mayor's race in 2005. His expressed theme is family values.

Earl ran in 2001. I expect he'll be a democrat, but there is no telling.

Earl was invited to speak at the 2004 GOP Picnic in Scott Township this fall. Great hospitality.

All in all, Earl's expressed desire to enter the race is really bad news for Rich Fitzgerald, Dem., County Council from Sq. Hill. Earl has a mean streak and hankering against Rich to the nth degree. Otherwise, I'm sure the move to run is a great favor to Tom Murphy. Tom even mentioned Earl Jones from the podium today at the outset of his budget address. Tom Murphy blew Earl a wet kiss from the podium.

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