Saturday, November 06, 2004

Sales Job in Harrisburg

PG: ..."further cuts mean the city will need smaller amounts of new tax revenue to bridge its budget shortfalls, possibly making tax reform an easier, but still difficult, sell in Harrisburg."

The folks in Harrisburg understand that it is more prudent to replace, re-direct and then, thirdly, reform. To get tax reform and put it into the same messy hands that made this crisis is going to insure that the city stay in its hard-luck status for another decade.

Mayor Murphy needs to resign, for the good of the city. Then we begin to heal.

Once that offer is put on the table, and people other than Murphy need to put it there, then we have a new ray of hope and begin a day to remember.

Murphy needs to get out of the way. Democrats, Democrat-party leaders, and state-wide party leaders need to make this demand known and put it to Mayor Murphy and the media. Barbara H., Dan O., Tom R., Ed R., Bob C., Jack W., Dan F., Sala U., Brenda F., Johnny D., Mark N. (of Pitt), and a team of others need to say the obvious.

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