Saturday, November 06, 2004

Super Bowl Saturday

Today is Super Bowl Saturday for the South Side Sabres, a youth football program in my neighborhood. They have three teams in "super bowl games." What a feat. Way to go Mike D and all the other volunteers, coaches, players, cheerleaders and officials. Way to go to all the teams in the league and fans too.

At least two of the games are to be played at Steel Valley High School. One is against a North Hills team.

Here is a program that is flourishing, despite the city.

Yes, there are stories about how the city has given this program its share of headaches. The field was to be re-seeded. The city wanted to stop the team from playing on the field for an entire season. No joke. Talk about fumbles.

There are stories of how the city can't play well with others that never see the light of day on this blog. The road-blocks put up by the city are massive.

Furthermore, I do understand that there are lots of other places with lots of other challenges as well. Pittsburgh does not own the patent on headaches. But, we do seem to push the limit in frustrations. And, as with the Sabres, we overcome and soar, in spite of the submarines from Grant Street.

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