Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Market House Soccer winding down

The indoor soccer season at the Market House is about to conclude. Our family fun night with a parents game, pizza, trophies and a special guest, Riverhounds Head Coach, is Thursday, Nov. 18.

We launched the season in September with a lot of help from a crew of volunteer parents. John S. has been a tireless leader and most dedicated to the effort. He has done a wonderful job. I'm just there to coach and lend a hand here and there. The others are really working hard.

The Marke House had been closed for the prior year. Now we play and organize without any staffers. The costs went up quite a bit.

For the kids, the program has been much as it was in the past. This is a great program for the tykes and wee players, without a doubt. The liitle kids are so fun to watch, ages 4, 5 and 6. Most of them have not been on a team in the past, to say the least. All the ages have fun and get a nice experience, team play, some skills and new friends.

I took a few photos the other night and I'll try to get some more. If you're with the media and have room to cover something other than the kick-off to "sparkle season" -- give me a call. Our light-up night comes on the faces of the kids, not with some tall downtown buildings.

The indoor hockey, often called, "deck hockey" starts in January. The first night to sign-up is the family fun night. We play on the gym floor in sneakers. Kids often bring their own helmets, but some are provided. The little kids use our sticks, older kids bring their own. Kids have their own shin guards and gloves too.

We need more players, and a high school league, 3 on 3, is slated for Saturday mornings.

Parents and volunteers are also welcomed, for coaching and other duties. The play is on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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