Thursday, October 07, 2004

Freeze for E-Rate Hits Schools

10-6-04 - Education Week: "The FCC told USAC to change its procedures by Oct. 1 in response to E-rate audits and congressional charges of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Citizen charges of waste, fraud and abuse has been put to the City and Comcast in terms of its City Cable Francise Agreement. In that agreement, the senior centers and recreation centers were to be wired with cable modems. We are still waiting. Nothing has been done.
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  • With the federal program, it is great to see accountability and audits. More oversight of public funds is welcomed. Being a tech junkie of sorts, I strongly support the concepts of the e-rate program and the public financed investements. However, the money can't be wasted.

    On the long-term, it is silly to say that classroom instruction has suffered due to this audit. Local and state funding of schools should carry the bulk of the efforts while Federal dollars provides programs, such as the e-rate.

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