Saturday, October 02, 2004

Gradual closings planned for future PPS actions

Trib: Gradual closings planned at PPS "The next round of city school closings will involve a gradual phasing out of schools or closing a smaller number of them to avoid the problems that occurred..."

This headline is huge. It is the one major point I made last year and in past years as well. You can't yank the citizens, families, students and staffs around. When that happens, people leave.

When South Vo Tech was scheduled for closing, I ranted at great lengths to close the facility over time. I wanted the school to shirnk by 50% per year for the next three years. Allow the kids that are in the school to graduate and not need to move to another school.

In a way, some of the rants from the past do come into the realm of being. There is little reason why this didn't happen last year.

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