Saturday, October 02, 2004

Grays to DC

The Homestead Grays were in DC too? What's the next fantasy to shatter? Are we to learn that football's Steelers were once combined with Phili's Eagles and called the Steegles?

The Grays are tweeners, part this and part that. Everything in life isn't black and white. With the Grays back on the scene, we'll have another avenue to inject talk about racism, disparities and class wars.

DC's throw-back team name is fine. It could modernize, to flip-floppers, but baseball needs its stoggy legacy as it has little else.

As for mascots, a crew in Columbus and another in Pittsburgh is building a larger than life, Mr. Whaffle bobble head. The Columbus effort will travel on a truck on election day, is to be built with foam and sports big flip-flops below the head, in the style of Mr. Potato Head. Might make a nice DC-based mascot to race our pasta creatures at the ballpark.

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