Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is it not enough to just watch the debates, wear a button, post a sign?

Two points on national politics. As a candidate for Mayor, I'd love to have vice-presidential running mates. Hence, the name of the blog, even. The Mayor doesn't get a VP, sadly, -- until now.

A good VP would be a great watchdog and attack instigator. Meanwhile, the top of the ticket candidate could just ponder, preach and organize around the solutions and elements of democracy.

Next, it seems as if it isn't enough t just be a smart voter. There is too much to do. The burden is heavy. But, we need less to do the lifting for the personalities and more for the process, IMHO.

Fight the Spin -- Spread the Truth! --- so goes the call. (edited message)

The debate tonight presents a tremendous opportunity for the campaign to attract undecided voters, but people's perceptions are shaped as much by their conversations around the water cooler as by the debates themselves.

After last week's debate, the Kerry campaign spin machine managed to mask their candidate's flip-flops on the war in Iraq, imposition of a "global test" for protecting America, and repeated denigration of our troops and allies.

If we plan to win the election, we must fight back against their spin and make sure our friends and neighbors get the truth.

We need your help tonight!


Immediately after the debate, visit online polls, chat rooms, and discussion boards and make your voice heard. The major news networks will all have internet polls after the debate. Make sure you vote in polls.

P.S. If we plan to win the election, we must fight back against their spin and make sure our friends and neighbors get the truth after tonight's debate.

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Donating online is quick and easy.

The Republicans and Democrats are running scared of a Libertarian October Surprise. They've tried to shut us out of the media, and now they're trying to shut us out of the national debate and exclude our viewpoint from the election. Well, they picked this fight with us years ago when they formed a partisan debate council to exclude other voices, and it's time we give them one!

We're gearing up for a media battle that they'll wish they hadn't started, and we need your contribution to make sure it's successful!

They wanted to lock us out of the debates, and we've delivered our shot over the hull of their campaigns - the Arizona LP filing a lawsuit to get an injunction - letting them know they can't use our taxpayer money to fund their private joint press conference. But it's going to take more than one warning shot to knock some sense into them, and we need your help to win the media battle that's going to wage across America to make them finally realize we're not going to stand idly by while they ignore the law of the land.

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