Monday, November 01, 2004


PG reported on October 21, 2004: According to nearly final figures, Democrats registered 30,354 new voters after the April 27 primary to 15,792 for the Republicans, a ratio of 1.92 to 1. The total number of new registration, including those from third-party members and independents, came to 60,447, a figure that reflects the high level of interest in this year's presidential race.

So let's review the math:
  • Total new voters = 60,447.

  • New Dems = 30,354.

  • New GOPers = 15,792.

  • New Third party = 14,301 = (60,447 - 30,354 - 15,792)

  • The PG fails to say that the sum of the Indies, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutional, Socialist, and whatever else is nearly equal to the Republicans. When you put together the third party block and the GOPers, you exceed the Dems.

    The Indie and third party numbers are charging, I dare say.

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