Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beautiful day -- heard about another race, so I showed up -- and got in the news

I got some much deserved and desired KDKA-TV news coverage today for my participation in two races. As die-hard blog readers know, I'm running as a candidate for Controller and City Council, district 3. Well, in case you missed the news on TV, the full extent of the coverage is outlined below. Big-time news coverage can help to pivot a campaign. Earned media, like this, can't be bought. Oh boy. The campaign is going to new heights!

That's me standing next to the no parking sign on the left side. I'm clapping and cheering for the runners, so I guess that's why there is a blur.
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My day started at 2 am, as usual on the weekends. That's the drunks outside our window. They were cheering for Ron Paul. Gosh. They must have just found out that this quarter's fund raising goals were met.

At 5:30, I wake to take my boys to AM swim practice at the JCC. Then the real fun began. I hit the starting line of the 5K. I got to wish hundreds of runners "good luck." I got to do some last minute coaching for some as well. My advice, "Remember the scene in the movie 'The Lion King' when there is a stampede? Well, run straight. Don't zig zag."

Saw some teams in the road races today. The CV basketballer squads were doing the 10K. Same too the Chatham swimmers. The BP boys and girls swimmers, with coach, did the 5K.

Saw a lot of friends. Some thanked me for running. "No, I'm not in today's Great Race. I'm running in two other races."

The setting at the 10K starting line was a bit more intense than that of the 5K. More fences, more hard bodies, more off the bus and to the back of the line because that first hill is a mean one.

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I shook hands and shouted out to my peeps -- including one dude in a Lamb T and another in a Peduto shirt.
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That was Jason, who was keen on dogging the mayor out on the course. That was his month-long strategy. He caught Luke at the first water stop, 2-miles. But, he was too winded to do much chatting.

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It is an ethics violation to shoot the gun and run in the race? I understand that the Mayor could shoot the gun for the start of the 5K, and then run the 10K. But even there, his mom was in the race. It could raise doubts. What if she would have leapfrogged to the front of the line after some body language que, ala Belichick, (films are under review.) for an unfair advantage? Then, did he pull the trigger in the 10K too? OMG. I'm sure that isn't legal -- two roles: starter and racer.

I was getting ready for my TV interview, so I didn't see the start of the 10K. Here is another image, from the TV website, zoomed in.

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Then I went to church service on the North Side.
Peek into Picasa for a peek into a wonderful verse of a splendid song, "Have you been to jail for justice?"
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BTW, my kids got to their church service with a lift from my wife. Now, It is out again to another church service -- with a youth group. Should be fun. Pizza and a talk.

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Jason Phillips said...

The mayor only beat me by 28 seconds. Not bad for a guy carrying a spare tire!