Sunday, September 30, 2007

John Edwards is taking a back seat to Ron Paul

I am connected to plenty of email lists. A bit ago I got an email blast from the John Edwards Presidential campaign seeking funds. They wanted to raise $1-million in the last push of this month to look good on the campaign funding report period that ends on October 1.
Ten days ago, we put our online campaign in your hands. We did the math, and told you that to stay on target we needed to raise $1 million online by midnight tonight. None of us knew if that was possible. We knew that you had come through for us before—could we count on you again?

Today, as I write this, we only have $79,212 to go. We can do it.
At the same time, nearly, I got an email from the Ron Paul camapign. They Paul campaign folks said that they wanted to raise $500,000 in the final week.

A few days later, the Ron Paul campaign emailed back. Plus, it had one of those tickers that went up like as money came in. The $500,000 level had been passed and the re-tooled the ask to hit $1-million. And, again, a bit later, another email came.

Ron Paul's campaign goal of $1-million had been reached.

Meanwhile, John Edwards is getting close.

In other campaign news, Newt G of Georgia is not going to run for President. That's good news. Very good. His statements some months ago in New England about rights of citizens were right out of Saturday Night Live skits.

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