Thursday, September 27, 2007

Luke's lies get hammered on KDKA and Jon Delano makes nice, again

Jon Delano takes the mayor at his word. Delano is a sucker.

The meeting at Langley High School on Monday had all the suits of the city there, so says a caller to the Marty Griffin show. Guy Costa, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Community Contact in Mayor's office, Public Works Zone director, Citiparks Director, City Planning folks, etc., etc. -- they are all going to these community meetings. The parade was there a couple of weeks ago on the South Side Slopes. The ploy sucks.

Those people are campaign pawns, thanks to Luke.

This is why they were all asked to resign. But, this is why they all had their resignations not 'accepted.' Ha, ha.

I don't want the mayor to show up to community meetings with the city administration.

A few weeks ago I told the mayor's staff to take off. For the rest of September and all of October, the staff should NOT work in the evenings and nights, unless they are at their Grant Street offices.

I don't want the police chief to be a political pawn.

One guy with ethics, the ex-director of Building Inspectors, lost his job. Perhaps he didn't want use his BBI uniform as a campaign pawn for Luke's benefit in neighborhood meetings -- when campaign debates should be happening.

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