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Ethics Hearing Board Complaint Form





1. Identify the person you are complaining about:


Office Address: _______________________________________




Position or Title: ______________________________________

Phone: Work: ______________________________________

2. Explain in detail why you believe that the individual named above may have violated the City provisions. Attach additional sheets of paper if necessary.

3. Attach or make reference to any documents, materials, minutes, resolutions or other evidence which support your allegations.

4. Sworn to and subscribed before me this I swear or affirm, under penalty

____ day of _____________________, or perjury that the facts set

forth in this complaint are

_______________________________ true and correct to the best of

(Notary Public) my knowledge, information and

My Commission expires: belief.


Send completed form to: Signature

Ethics Hearing Board Print Name:

City of Pittsburgh Department of Law ____________________________

313 City-County Building Home Address:

414 Grant Street ____________________________

Pittsburgh, PA 15219 ____________________________

(412) 255-2015 ____________________________

Phone Work:__________________

Phone Home:__________________


1. Complete all sections of the Complaint Form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

2. Give the specific name and office address of the person about whom you are complaining. If you are complaining about more than one person, use a separate complaint form for each person. You may photocopy or reproduce this form if you need more forms.

3. Provide a detailed account of the activity that is said to be violative of the “City provisions: of the Code of Conduct. The Ethics Hearing Board’s jurisdiction extends solely to the complaints alleging violations of the City Provisions. All complaints with respect to violations of any terms of the state statute (Pennsylvania Public Official and Employee Ethics Law, Act 170 of 1978 as amended by Act 9, 1989), shall be within the sole jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission. If you have a question about whether the Board has jurisdiction over the conduct or individual in question, refer to the Code of Conduct, the Ethics Handbook, or contact the City Solicitor (Ethics Hearing Board).

4. Enclose records, documents, minutes, etc. that support your allegations.

5. Sign the form and have a notary sign, date and affix seal and note the date his/her Commission expires.


Any person filing a complaint with the City of Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board should be

aware of the following provisions of the Code of Conduct.

Section 197.12

(i) No public official or public employee shall discharge any official or employee or change his official rank, grade or compensation or deny him a promotion, or threaten to do so or take any other retaliatory measures, for filing a complaint with or providing information in connection herewith, testifying in any Board proceeding or being the subject of a complaint or investigation hereunder except as provided in Section 197.16.

(j) As a general rule, no person shall disclose or acknowledge, to any other person, any information relating to a complaint, preliminary inquiry, investigation, hearing or petition for reconsideration which is before the Board. However, a person may disclose or acknowledge to another person matters held confidential in accordance with this subsection when the matters pertain to any of the following:

(1) Final orders of the Board as provided in subsection (g) hereof;

(2) Hearings conducted in public pursuant to subsection (f) hereof:

(3) For the purpose of seeking advice of legal counsel;

(4) Filing an appeal form a Board Order;

(5) Communicating with the Board or its staff, in the course of preliminary inquiry, investigation, hearing or petition for reconsideration by the Board;

(6) Consulting with a law enforcement official or agency for the purpose in initiating, participating in or responding to an investigation or prosecution by the law enforcement official or agency;

(7) Testifying under oath before a governmental body or a similar body of the United States of America;

(8) Any information, records or proceedings relating to a complaint, preliminary inquiry, investigation, hearing or petition for reconsideration which the person is the subject of; or

(9) Such other exceptions as the Board, by regulation, may direct.

Section 197.14

(a) A person who signs or causes or precipitates the signing of a complaint alleging a violation of the city provisions against another is subject to liability for wrongful use of this chapter if:

(1) The Complaint was frivolous, as defined thereby, or without probable cause and made primarily for a purpose other than that of reporting a violation of the City provisions; or

(2) The person publicly disclosed or caused to be disclosed that a complaint against a person had been filed with the Board.

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