Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ravenstahl Kick Off on Monday. Thursday at 3:30 is my kick off. I've got a double header.

Luke is going to officially kick off his campaign on Monday.

I'm going to officially kick off my campaign on Thursday at 3:30 pm at Carol's Restaurant at 410 S. Main Street in the West End.
Incumbent Ravenstahl's backers tout progress made - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review The test will ratchet up a notch Monday, when Ravenstahl officially kicks off his general election bid to win the two years remaining on the unexpired term of the late Bob O'Connor.
How does a former place kicker make a kick off? Is Ravenstahl kick-off a PUN?

With my kick off the same week, but a few days later than his, at least I won't be charged with a 'false start.'

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