Friday, September 21, 2007

Steel City ladies love the grid iron - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Steel City ladies love the grid iron - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "But female fans have their own way of watching the game. On The Burgh Blog, an online diary of sorts where an anonymous 'PittGirl' jots down her observations of her favorite city, anything with the words 'Big Ben' or 'Troy's Hair' is sure to get a big response.

'On my blog, the women tend to be more vocal when it comes to Steelers posts, I think possibly because I'm not writing about the 'spread' or the '3/4 versus 4/3' or other such 'huh?' topics,' PittGirl wrote in an e-mail. 'I'm writing about the players, the plays, the goof ups, the sights, the emotions of it all ... Sure there are plenty of female Steelers fans that could hold an intelligent conversation about the 'sweep,' but for a lot of women it's just a love of the game, a love of the rich and storied past, and a love for the honorable men that play it here in the Burgh.'

That love for the game is almost as hot as Steely McBeam's bushy eyebrows."
Steely McBeam should be re-named to Leaky McPipe and made to work to fix water main breaks.

So much for 'mainstream' and 'manstream'.

Nice to see a blog get good mentions in the MSM (mainstream media).

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