Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Mark and Less Party -- More Marks & More Opposition

JSM ponders:
As Republican Mark DeSantis presses on in his race against incumbent Democrat mayor Luke Ravenstahl, he must be more DeSantis and less Republican. Since just the thought of voting for a Republican for mayor is anathema to many local Democrats, DeSantis would have been better positioned as an independent.

In some areas, party affiliation means little more than embracing a party of convenience. Often, success comes as a result of merely running as a Republican and not being a Republican. It is a critical distinction when Democrat support is essential to victory.
I've asked DeSantis to come clean on his R-ness. What kind of "R" is he, we all want to know.

I agree in large part. Some will NEVER vote for a "R" in these parts in these times. And, for good reason.

Did you notice in the two part article on the front of today's Tribune Review (great articles by David Brown) that a box that pointed out the other two on the ballot -- Tony Oliva, Liberatrian and the Socialist meatpacker -- was placed within the text of the article on Luke. That placement is so much as to say that they'll both be taking a bit out of Luke's territory.

I was very, very impressed with the Trib and the photo selections of both Luke and Mark. The photos were very well balanced. Both even had a US flag showing the background.

Way to go Dave Brown and Trib! Way to go.

I do think that Luke's vote total will be less because of the other two challengers, the L and the S. Some will want to vote and will NEVER vote for DeSantis. They can land in the L or S column. That takes away votes from Luke. Luke has not earned everyone's vote, that is for sure.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

It occurs to me suddenly you may be right about the L and the SW helping DeSantis; during the DEBATES. Think about it. DeSantis's oppenents are 27, 26, and 23? He should have an easy time looking like the man of the house.