Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DeSantis lands an endorsement from a "diverse" outlet

I've just come to discover that Mark DeSantis, R, candidate for mayor of Pittsburgh, has earned a new endorsement from the GSPC, Gertrude stein Political Club. The informal email I just got included these insights:
you may be interested to know that the gertrude stein club of greater pittsburgh has endorsed MARK DeSantis for mayor. some of his responses that we liked were positive for domestic partnership benefits, and firmly pro choice. please continue to engage with us, even though you have not received our endorsements. at least you are current, updated and obviously care about government.
I'm sure a more formal press release is being crafted somewhere. I hope and expect that my sources are on the mark. (Pun intended).

Yes, I do care about government. I'm with little chance of getting that organization's endorsement because I'm not gay. And, I've not really gone after any specific endorsement. The unions won't even meet with me. Oh well.

The email from her to me began:

wow, i agree with you on a+schools, cameras, and maybe even agree on the ethics position.

I love that some in the marketplace of ideas are open minded. And, I'm not going to ignore people in the community. I'm just swimming upstream and need a few more hours in the day.


Mark Rauterkus said...

I was asked for a clarification:

The message means what it is.

The GSPC is an advocate group for Gay-Lesb-Bi-Trans. GLBT for short.
I'm in the race against an guy who is now "open" about being gay. The
GLBT community will endorse him because he is gay -- much easier than me.

Likewise, if a plumber was in the race -- the plumber's union would
pick one of its own for an endorsement.

It is what it is.

Mark Rauterkus said...

By all means, Mark DeSantis is not gay.

By all means, the move from the GSPC to endorse a Dem is big harry news for the local Republican. Well done for the group and for the candidate.

The GSPC is one entity that has broken ranks and endorsed people for what they say, what they have done, and how they run their campaigns. Many do rubber stamp endorsement for the ones that are victors so as to be in the status quo majority. Not the GSPC group.

I love that the GSPC asks tough questions.